• We present wild at

    Sustainable Food Mela

    in Patna, where four organization has been participated.

  • Currently we are doing Raagi and Ambadi

    Seed Distribution

    In 6 villages of 2 blocks Chakai and Jhajha in Jamui, Bihar.

  • We have introduced local forest flower

    Palash Flower

    To make cool drink for the hot weather and keep themselves healthy

  • In collaboration with anantmool we celebrated

    Green Holi

    and distributed Raagi Pakoda with Palash cool drink

    Food Crisis and Climate change

    Since the last IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on climate change) report in 2021, the world seems to be in shock. But why? Shouldn’t we have known all this long before? The question is, what can be done to open people’s eyes and shift their mindsets? Action needs to be taken, and everyone can and should contribute.

    Loss of forest and trees and climate change

    India needs to have at least
    forest area 33%
    Currently India has only 2/3 of needed forest [HT]
    forest 22%
    And Bihar has only 1/3 of average of Indian forest cover [TOI]
    forest 7.23%

    Decreasing indigenous and nutritious food diversity

    Before 1960
    Millet was as diet 40%
    In last 100 years we have lost
    Crops varieties more than 90%
    Out of 30,000 edible plants
    only 9 plant species account for 66% food 66%

    Source: FAO

    About wild

    Our organization “wild” is focusing on the following areas-

    • Conservation of forest biodiversity 
    • Conservation of soil health
    • Nutritious, diverse, and chemical-free food
    • Generating green livelihood opportunities for the marginalized community*
    • Well being of farmers and forest dwellers
    • Aware consumers of indigenous and forest food

    *Marginalized people include the visually impaired, physically disabled, and women who are poor and neglected in society. 

    Our Interventions

    We are supporting Environment and marginalized community through conserving indigenous knowledge of food and farming…

    picture of nursery

    Nursery set up for conserving indigenous forest plants

    Making a nursery with major seeds collected from forest. The sapling will be planted on barren land and forest with less plants.

    image of indigenous food

    Indigenous and Forest food

    Creating livelihood opportunity for visually impaired and other marginalized people through value addition on indigenous and uncultivated food and supporting for well being of human and environment.

    Agroforestry farm image

    Regenerative Agroforestry

    Promoting agroecological farming with model farm and giving training to other peasant or farmer. Our first model farm would be regenerative agroforestry with different varieties of local plants and crops.

    Our Team

    We are supporting Environment and marginalized community through conserving indigenous knowledge of food and farming…

    Image of shivani in farm

    Shivani Kumari

    I am an NIT Jamshedpur Graduate Engineer and done a fellowship on Leadership and Management from kanthari leadership institute, Kerala. I have keen interest in saving environment, protecting trees and promoting tribal way of farming and living. With this interest I did Agroecology and Pollination study from Calcutta University. After my Engineering, I worked with tribal community in Dumka, Jharkhand under Pradan organization and learned their indigenous practices. I am passionate towards sustainable living, sustainable food and environmental conservation.

    IMG_20220406_200757 (1)

    Manju Kumari

    Being experienced in social sector for 10 years and training women in SHGs, education and health. I have fought with local to state level administration against corruption. Now focusing on sustainable living, food and farming to create employment opportunity and make a healthy society.

    Nikita Sinha

    I have done MA in Women study from TISS Mumbai and worked in education sector for 5 years. Currently I am working on women health and provide training in using reusable clothe pad for their health and also for the environment. To decrease the malnutrition in women and adolescents girls I promote indigenous and uncultivated food. Also guide adolescents for safe period.

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